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You’re looking for your big break. Maybe your goal isn’t to star alongside Reese Witherspoon in the next Apple TV hit, or release your first album, but you have something big you wanna share with the world.

And I want to make sure they see your brilliance showcased in its best light.

Even if you don’t wanna step onto a real red carpet (they’re kinda overrated—feel free to ask me what it’s like to walk the red carpet at a film premiere) I want to help you stand on your own figurative red carpet every day.

To feel recognized and celebrated for the incredible work you’re doing. To have a platform that allows you to be heard and make change.

Steal the scene...

You want advice, guidance, and strategy from someone who’s worked with real stars—people and brands that you actually know—not someone who’s only credits include “internet celebrities” you’ve never heard of.

People and projects I’ve worked with have won Oscars, Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys, Daytime Emmys, Guinness World Records, BAFTAs, Teen Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards.... and that’s just the awards you care about.

Now, I want to know. Will you be my next success story?

Go from not even on the list to the A-list

The Brand Director

Sorcha MacKenzie, The Brand Director, is a brand strategist and creative director for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to become the next big thing in their industry.

She guides business owners on how to create their Brand Story World™ using Strategy, Story + Style® so they can develop a personal brand that helps them show up for their business and comfortably step into the spotlight with clarity, confidence, and credibility.

She has worked with household names like Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, LEGO, and Sony Pictures, and speaks about branding at events around the world.

When she’s not hanging out where creativity meets strategy, you can find her indulging in yet another Grey’s Anatomy rewatch, at the ballet barre, or stocking up on her signature red lipstick.

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Sorcha has an incredible gift for being able to pierce through the fluff in your head to help you to pinpoint the most precise and powerful way to share your message.

Sorcha has an incredible gift

Sarah Ashman, Public Persona Studio

Sorcha is a very creative, professional and joyful person. We worked together on many projects for Disney EMEA and Global. It was really a pleasure to collaborate with her. She has a strong problem-solving ability and a positive and cooperative attitude that make her the right person to work with!

The right person to work with

PAMELA Elia, Disney

The value of having Sorcha's brains and branding smarts on your business can't be overstated. Working with her was one of those sliding doors moments I'll be looking back on in years to come, knowing that her insights and expertise made all the difference.

The value can't be overstated

Miish Grixti, Copy Coach + Messaging Strategist

My day with Sorcha was VIP. I was so excited and she didn't let me down. Sorcha helped me hone in on what's mine and cracked open some really juicy questions so I was forced to ask myself about who I am as a brand and business. Since this amazing call, I have been able to really define what makes my voice my own and get even more playful and experimental with my content.

My day with Sorcha was VIP

Nicole Edwards, Creative Launch Strategist

I had the pleasure of working with Sorcha back when she was in Disney’s office in London. Organized, committed, independent, smart thinker… She was our main contact with all things related to the European Disney community of creatives and we always felt that we were in the best hands possible. I definitely recommend working for/with/around Sorcha!

Always in the best hands possible

Pablo FerráN, Disney

Working with Sorcha was nothing short of a pleasure. There were many times that she went above and beyond for our agency’s client. And her work proved time and again that she’s a master of her craft. It was amazing to work with her.

She's a master of her craft

Kaylyn Green, Communications Manager

Sorcha helped me find that value I give to my audience (so they know how hard I’ll work for them) and the sexy part – the transformation and impact my clients will experience. Then we came up with a plan to position me as an authority and to match my brand with the right clients so they feel connected. It’s so easy to work with Sorcha!

It's so easy to work with Sorcha

Christine Laureano, BA6 Marketing

Sorcha is very creative and extremely passionate about her career.  She is an enthusiastic, committed and capable addition to any team. An excellent communicator and organizer, she applies her skills and experience to all aspects of her projects.

Sorcha is very creative

Chris Fitzpatrick, Disney

Sorcha is very talented and resourceful; during the years that I had the pleasure to work with her on many projects she always proved to be, not only professional and creative but also very fun to work with. Her positivity and passion for her job transpire in every detail of the projects she leads. Problems do not exist while working with her because she will always find the best-suited solution!

She will always find the best solution

Suzette Pirozzi, Disney

We were using hammers until now, and it was OK. Sorcha unpacked her chisels and fine-tuned our messaging to a level that our copy-hammers wouldn’t ever reach. It was an enjoyable process, and we got exactly what we wanted in the end!

We got exactly what we wanted

Jan Sapper, Paperlike

I had the pleasure of working with Sorcha whilst she was at Disney. She never let me down. I hope our paths will cross again in the future. She will be an asset to whoever has the pleasure of working with her.

She never let me down

Flavio Cortez, Marvel

Sorcha is delightful to work with and delivers fun ideas. She approaches each assignment with enthusiasm and positivity and meets deadlines despite a time difference.

Sorcha is delightful to work with

Kayla Noriega, Splendid Clothing

Within the first two hours, I was already brimming with ideas. I decided to book the call on a Friday, thinking I'd spend all weekend brainstorming and relaxing. Instead, I was so inspired, I got started immediately on putting Sorcha's strategies to work and the weekend creating.

Brimming with ideas

Fiona Wong, The Wild Pixel

I feel like I've been able to jump ahead weeks in just a few hours. I've gone from "I have a few brand directions I can explore" to "here's exactly what I need to do." Having Sorcha available all day gave me space to think. Just having that extra time without the pressure of making an instant decision made everything feel so effortless and fun. That led to real progress in far less time than other brand development solutions I've tried.

Real progress in less time

Matt Hall, Get An Awesome Job

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